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Launching Leaders Winners Gallery - 2023

Letters Awards

With many worthy entries, it was difficult—and exciting—to choose Letters winners this year! Ultimately, those entries that best communicated their message with imagination, creativity, and skill—whether in poetry or prose—prevailed. As one winner aptly said, “I will always be a storyteller.” Each winner certainly is!


2023 Letters Judges: Wilma Davidson Ed.D., Susan Klaus, Ros Petti

Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation Award of Excellence



Pailey Riesgo

Delicate Blooms


Northport High School

Becky Halbert, Teacher

Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation and ABC Books Special Awards

Liv Doura

The Memorial 

Sarasota High School

Ashley Harris, Teacher

Aleksandra Masiulis

White Marble


Pine View School

Pamela Novak, Teacher

Kalie Martin

Meeting Ollie and Georgie

Southeast High School

Kashante Mays, Teacher

Ocean Bruinius

The Wicked Monster

Pine View School

Pamela Novak, Teacher

Betty Altman Art Awards

It was an honor to review these young artists' creativity. All entries expressed a sense of personal emotion and an intensity communicated through their art. The winning art represented

the most compelling qualities of visual impact, unique style, and artful execution. We thank the parents and teachers for supporting and motivating these exceptional artists.


2023 Art Judges: Susan Lynn Cotton, Jana Millstone, Pamela Olin


The Betty Altman Award of Excellence


Samantha Tanelli

The Cat and the Monkey








Booker High School

Jeffrey Cornwell, Teacher

The Betty Altman Special Awards


Jaden Osborne

Wheel of Life














Sarasota High School

Debra Markley, Teacher

30S-Jaden_Osborne_Painting_WheelOfLife (1).jpg

Gabriela Sanchez-Gomez

Soupy Davis and His Band














Manatee School for the Arts

Diane Rosenbarger, Teacher

2M-Gabriela-Sanchez-Gomez_Painting_Soupy-David-and-his-Band (1).jpg

Mehak Sandhu

Lime and Baby's Breath

Mixed Media













Booker High School

Jeffrey Cornwell, Teacher

12S-Mehak_Sandhu_MixedMedia_LimeandBabysBreath (1).jpg

Alanna Hutton

American Toys 
















Booker High School

Jeffrey Cornwell, Teacher

10S-Alanna Hutton_Panting_American Toys (1).jpg
The Halide Smith Award of Excellence in Music Composition

Our winning composition, "Danae Violin Solo", is delightfully styled after the Classical Music Period (1750 - 1830) with a fresh and clear melody and piano accompaniment. One can imagine Mozart performing this composition at the royal courts of Europe.



Chair & Music Judges 2023, O'lyn Callahan, Sandra Moulin

Danae Tran

Violin Solo and Piano Accompaniment 


Booker High School

Alexander Zickafoose, Teacher

Danae-Violin-SoloDanae Tran
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The Longboat Key Observer - May 9. 2023


Pen Women award scholarships to local high schoolers

Eleven local students won art, music and writing awards and showcased their work.

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