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Launching Leaders Winners Gallery - 2022

Letters Awards

We are so proud of our 2022 Letters winners! They impressed us with their diverse and creative work, and, particularly, their mature themes. They transported us beyond traditional comfort zones and had us wondering at times, "Is this fiction or nonfiction?"— a sign of a good writer, indeed!

2022 Letters Judges: Wilma Davidson, Amy Elder, Susan Klaus, Ros Petti

The Sarasota Pen Women Award of Excellence in Letters


Jane McCobb-Pratt

I am no Hero

Sarasota High School

Teacher, Ashley Harris

The Sarasota Pen Women and ABC Books Special Awards

Jaysily Martinez-Rivera

Climbing Past the Number Six


Sarasota High School

Mr. Jones, Principal

Alma Dasberg



Booker High School

Teacher, Jillian Simon

Olivia Sahr


Lakewood Ranch High School

Teacher, Debra McCarthy

Anna Lazzara

The Longest Day of  My Life

Sarasota High School

Teacher, Debra Markley

Betty Altman Art Awards

It was an honor to participate as judges. All entries showed an array of talent and discipline. The winning artwork was rich in subject matter, execution, and vision. We thank the parents and teachers for supporting and motivating these exceptional artists.


2022 Art Judges: Susan Lynn Cotton, Marie Garafano, Jana Millstone and Pamela Olin


The Betty Altman Award of Excellence


Alaya Knowlton

Her Quintessence






Booker High School

Teacher, Lori Burton

The Betty Altman Special Awards


Tabitha Hanely

Unlikely Friendship

















Braden River High School

Teacher, Bill Ferrell

3M-Tabitha_Hanely_Unlikely-Friendship_Ink_Braden-River (1).jpg

Selby Sniegocki

Living Room Swamp

















Booker High School

Teacher, Jeffery Cornwell


Riley Karau


















Booker High School

Teacher, Jeffery Cornwell


Ashlyn Kuiken

Golden Girl

















Sarasota High School

Teacher, Debra Markley

Music Awards

Sometimes the only way to achieve knowledge and experience is to reach beyond comfort zones. This year's composers have succeeded in doing so! Our first place gracefully navigates her double bass. Our second place steps newly into the shoes as a composer. Our third place takes on an unimaginable complement of instruments. This is their year to reach farther than imaginable, landing safely into the winner's circle.



Chair & Music Judge 2022, Jan Eberle Schaberg

The Halide Smith Award of Excellence

in Music Composition


Haley Sprague


Solo, Double Bass


Venice High School

Teacher, John Miller

LamentHaley Sprague
00:00 / 00:50

Second Place


Christopher Wheaton




North Port  High School

Teacher, Loraine Alegria

Third Place


Tina Tran

Similar, But Different

 Piano, Trumpet, Guitar


Pine View High School

Teacher, Christopher Pauling

DreamsChristopher Wheaton
00:00 / 02:10

Sarasota Pen Women Award Annual Scholarships - LBK Observer, by Nat Kaemmerer

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