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Friends of Sarasota Pen Women

The Sarasota Branch of the NLAPW is fortunate to have several patrons who are creative women themselves, though they have not sought formal membership into the NLAPW.

These women, whom we call Friends of Sarasota Pen Women, attend our events and support our efforts through their volunteerism. We are ever grateful that they like being around us and are true patrons of the arts.


If you would like to join as a “Friend,” please contact




Marsha Samponaro served as Director of Federal Programs including the Kindergarten Migrant Program and Title I Reading. A curriculum writer, advisor for choosing reading texts, she taught teachers, parents, administrators and university students in Texas and New York; Marsha played in orchestra, band and ensemble and has served as docent and Day Chairman for Ringling Museum of Art, Ca’d Zan and Circus Museum.




A happy Sarasota resident for over 30 years, Meredith once worked in the Catskills at the Nevele Hotel as Executive Assistant to the owner. She has many interesting stories and memories. When Meredith moved to Sarasota with her daughter, she worked in real estate, yet always had a love of art in many forms. Meredith says, “I love being in the company of the talented Sarasota Pen Women.”




A long time supporter of visual and literary arts. Sylvia has worked with arts organizations, galleries and as an agent for artists in Northern California. Her love of organizing art exhibits led her to curate exhibitions that travelled to art museums, universities throughout the U. S. In retirement, Nissley writes humorous and social commentary poems and makes art work.

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