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Betty Altman Awards


From the ART Judges


As judges finding five paintings we all agreed on as winners required
looking at each piece over and over. We tried for a wide range of mediums. Congrats to all artists. Always be willing to put yourself out there. The quality was outstanding which made a difficult choice.

2020 ART Judges: Carol Adams, Marie Garafano and Joy Pat Robertson

The Betty Altman Award of Excellence

Nicole Colton

Booker High School

Lady Le Fleur - Oil on Canvas

The Betty Altman Special Awards

Cara Kaminski

Pine View High School

Burst - Acrylic paint, molding paste, ink and spray on canvas

Kaley Rio

Booker High School

Life Boat - Acrylic paint, paint marker

Jordyn Chiodo

Sarasota High School

Serenity - Photography

Keanna Jones

Venice High School

Misthios - Digital Art

Letters Awards


From the LETTERS Judges


This year’s entries were plentiful, extraordinarily well written, and impressive. The winning authors thoroughly engaged us in reading their entries and admiring the diversity of their creative minds. Whether the entry was fiction, non‐fiction or poetry, these student authors expressed themselves in creative, mature‐‐‐and polished ways.


2020 Letters Judges: Judy Allen, Wilma Davidson, Maddy Ginsberg and and Francesca Simon

Sarasota Pen Women Grand Prize in Letters

Madigan Wilford

Braden River High School

The Quest - Fiction

First Place

Christopher Miscannon

Venice High School

The Girl with the World in Her Hands - Fiction

Second Place

Anna Grady

Pine View High School

The Light House - Fiction

Third Place

Isaac Tellechea

Pine View High School

Danny and Jean - Fiction Prose

Third Place

Clareece Keniston

Manatee School for the Arts

Child of Divorce - Non-Fiction

Honorable Mention

Farrah Canvus

Pine View High School

The Most Dangerous Thing - Poetry

Honorable Mention

Ashley Cendere

Braden River High School

Transexist - Poetry

Music Awards

From the MUSIC Judges

As members of the adjudication committee, we have decided to award
the Musical Composition Award to Kerry Carr, a Senior at Venice High School. Kerry plans to pursue musical composition at the university level. Kerry displays talent, promise, and enthusiasm for the art of composing. Therefore, we are pleased to present Kerry Carr with this award. To thine own self be true!

2020 Music Judges: Dr. Anne Marie Vale, Dr. Alice Moerk, and Jan Eberle Schaberg

Sarasota Pen Women Young Composer Award

Kerry Carr

Venice High School

The Dream and the Morning - Short Piece for an a capella SATB choir


Alexis Kelly (Soprano)

Maddy Cambell (Alto)

Traven Vogt (Tenor)

Elijah Jason (Bass)

We Remember Two Very Special Pen Women

Betty Altman: The Incentive Awards Program was conceived by Betty Altman over 30 years. She believed very strongly in giving students the opportunity to further their education in the arts and was the Awards Program Chair for 16 years and Art Awards Chair for 25 years. Betty also served four years as the Sarasota Branch President, two years as VP, and was on the Board of Directors for several years. Betty passed away in 2013, and in her memory, the David Altman Foundation continues to provide tremendous financial support for our Awards Program.

Sylvia Price: Sylvia Price achieved her PhD in Higher Education administration from the University of Michigan. She taught nursing for over 30 years and published 5 nursing textbooks and numerous journal articles. She was our Treasurer for two terms, reservationist, Branch President (2007‐2009), served as President of the NLAPW Florida State Association (2012‐2014). Sylvia sponsored the “Dr. Sylvia Anderson Price Award in Writing” and additional support for the Awards Program for many years. Sylvia passed away in September 2019. We wish to remember her smile, her dedication to NLAPW and her immediate willingness to assist our organization in so many ways.

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