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The Art of Swiping

By Chris Connors, Pen Woman in Art

How many times have you seen an ad for something that you want to purchase? How many times do you pick up color or fabric swatches? How many times do you learn the lyrics of a song or hum a tune? How many times do you take a photo of interesting scenery or nature?

We are constantly bombarded with the beautiful, interesting, inspiring thoughts of others. Keeping copies of these things can be fun and useful if you just create a “Swipe File.” There are many ways to do this. Some use physical files and folders; others use their computers.

Every so often, go back and look at those files and folders as a diversion. Making a scrap book or collage of those ideas and images can be an art in and of itself. And, if you are a writer, you may be inspired to write as a result of something you swiped.

There are many ways to approach this process. Give each page a theme (seashore) or title (dreams). Glue all the things that you have saved from magazines, greeting cards, and photos along with words or phrases that you relate to the theme or title.

I have been keeping files for more than 25 years. A sentence from a book may trigger my imagination. A poem might suggest an idea. Photos of nature always stir my creative juices. Objects from magazines may have interesting lines and shapes to incorporate into my paintings.

Life can be hectic, stressful and demanding. Taking a few minutes to add to or review your “Swipe File” stimulates your imagination, an art form that is all yours.

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