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In Memoriam

Judy Allen 

1943 – 2022


Born in 1943, longtime member, Judy Allen, passed away on April 18, 2022. A writer, an adventurer, a knitter, Judy also had a warm smile and a sense of humor to match. She will be greatly missed. Judy was a native of Cardiff, Wales. Her father, a member of the RAF, traveled extensively and spent time in the U.S. where the family finally settled. Judy loved traveling the world as well—Africa three times and dozens of times to Europe. She was even planning an 80th birthday cruise on the Danube. Just mention the word “travel” to Judy and she lit up like a light bulb. She even owned a travel agency after her husband died in a tragic car accident when she was only 41 and had two teenage children.


She graduated from the University of Miami (in Ohio), earned a Master’s from Wayne State University, and taught high school science in Michigan. Many of her writings reflect her adventurous travel experiences and her post-retirement ventures in the tourist industry.


A cheery, exuberant person, Judy had five grandchildren she adored a son in Colorado, and a daughter in Michigan. She also had countless Pen Women friends and for years was an active part of a Monday Letters Writing Group with fellow authors from the Sarasota Branch whose booming laughter and wonderful Welsh accent were always welcoming.


Her daughter Wendy shared that her Mum’s favorite toast was “Here’s to absent friends and family.” Here’s to you, Judy! We are richer for having known you.


Her daughter, Wendy, suggested donations in her memory be sent to the Sarasota Branch of NLAPW or Mote. And condolences can be sent to her daughter at Wendy Kettler, 1609 Franklin, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506.


(With thanks to her dear friends, Maddy Ginsburg and Alice Moerk, for their insights in putting this together.)

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