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Go Paint!

By Marge Bennett, Pen Woman in Art

. . . but not until you think about it. Art is, after all, a “rational activity” to quote Ed Whitney, one of my first and favorite teachers.

To shake up your world and yourself, here are my two recommendations of the moment:

  1. Paint on something other than paper or canvas. I plan to paint on my broom handle! Housework will never be the same.

  2. Since that project is just getting underway, let me offer you another idea. Normally, I paint lots of trees, flowers, nature. I do not paint people. They scare me (not literally, of course, but as an artist). Here’s the thinking I did with myself:

“So think, Marge. Paint figures, not persons. This is faster and more free. Paint some sort of fun action in warm colors. Use watercolor on yupo or mineral paper and wipe out image with a damp brush or tissue. Keep it loose. And work on 5 x 7” sheets.”

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