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Cut and Paste to Help Your Psyche

During the pandemic, my boyfriend gave me a writing implement, a pen. The design on the pen was a screw. On the screw was written 2020. He was attempting to cheer me up. My emotions had been swinging from heavy, tired, weary, or concerned. Then I forget, and I am myself typing away, learning to write my first novel and hoping to find time to make a painting, as art is my first skill. Then reality arrives again with the news, and I am in turmoil again.

But I have a fun exercise that helps and I offer it to you, too. All you need are magazines, ones with pretty pictures and glue of some type. I use an acrylic medium, but Elmer's also works. I have a massive old ledger that I use for my collages, but any paper or notebook or journal, if you keep one, will do.

Flipping through the magazines, I tear or cut out an image that catches my eye and stirs my feelings. Now comes the real artist's vision: I only take part of the picture. It might be a color or texture that interests me. Working with the elements of design, if you wish, thumb through as many magazines as you have, cutting or tearing and arranging parts of pictures to create the perfect abstract image that reflects the feeling you are expressing.

Once finished, this simple piece of art might help clear your psyche for a while. If the collages are small, they could easily become part of your journal pages.

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