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By Lolly Owens, Pen Woman in Art

Our world is no longer functioning in the normal way. But a bright ray of hope appeared when I discovered the web site Funded by a group of national grant funding sources, the organization offers financial relief to artists, numerous other resources, and wellness videos.

For example, the weekly wellness videos focus on artists’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The sessions are led by artists themselves, representing a broad spectrum of creative processes including movement, meditation, poetry, writing and more.

One video on “Disappointment” shows how you can make disappointment work for you –not against you; and there's another video on “The Cult of Busy.” The latter one reminded me of how my own life has gone from racing off to art receptions, to taking in exhibitions, to now being stuck in isolation.

This organization and its site offers us relief. And what also helps during this strange time in our COVID life is to remember to celebrate each other, keep in touch with one another, and stay linked to supports such as the Sarasota Pen Women and Artist Relief. Suspend your pessimism. It will all work out!

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