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Exhibition of the Month

September 2020

Polly Curran

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Artist Statement:


As an artistic nature photographer I am passionate about photographing
flowers, leaves, trees, butterflies, and other garden friends. I try to bring out the best feature to capture the soul of the image.  As a teacher of Ikebana, Japanese floral design, I seek to create the poetic beauty of Nature’s designs.
For twenty years I lived in the Asia/Pacific: Australia, Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong.   I spent many hours wandering the gardens of Japan and Thailand becoming acquainted with designs, style and composition.
There is a Tibetan word ‘miksang’ which means ‘art of seeing’; in essence, the way nature’s light affects the way things are seen; it is the photographer’s eye that sees things differently.  “The natural beauty of each individual leaf or flower becomes a work of art through the lens of the camera.”  
I have recently practiced Haiku Photography, which offers a unique and intensely personal relationship to nature, a connection that evokes a mental image of the actual picture –‘A flower blooms……’ an emotional feeling at the moment the photo is taken.

Ikebana newspaper article, continued-1.j

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