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Sarasota Pen Women Kick Off Their Season

October 2021 Luncheon - Susan Klaus

Bird Key Yacht Club

What a fun way to begin our 2021-2022 season: Members, Friends of the Pen

Women, guests, great food, and an entertaining program by one of our own—author

Susan Klaus. She offered us wise advice such as knowing our audience, hooking

them at the get-go, and being authentic about our facts and our characters! Not only

did she inform us, she also entertained us with her wild (and true) tales of her

writing life! She also gave 5 free books to an awaiting crowd.

Twenty-six smiling, happy, and talented women! Together again. With chocolate and

admiration for one another—and the gumption to make this season magically


Enjoy the gallery of photos from the luncheon! We’ll be publishing every meeting

summary and accompanying gallery as a monthly blog. Hope to see you in the

November photos!

(With thanks to Wilma for narrating, JoJo for snapping photos, and Diana for doing

her magic getting all to you.)

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