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Reduce Loneliness: Write

By Ronni Miller, Pen Woman in Letters

In these times of COVID 19, or anytime for that matter, expressive writing, or simply writing to express your feelings, memories and experiences is a healthy way to

fill your time and reduce loneliness.

All it takes is pen, pencil, paper or keyboard –and you. We have stored enormous amounts of material in our brains and yet we may face a blank piece of paper or screen and wonder what to say.

Start by feeling the instrument you are planning to write with—your pen, pencil or keys on your keyboard. Close your eyes. What does the texture remind you of? If it’s the keyboard you can also add sound. What does the clicking sound remind you of? Open your eyes and jot down some words. They can just be a list or phrases and lo and behold a memory will surface and you can write about it. Now, add how you feel or felt about that particular visual/ and or sound. You’re on your way. Maybe only a few minutes have passed, but you are engaged with memory, feelings and experiences; and for those moments loneliness is abated.

You are your first audience and writing is your vehicle to express how you feel, what you remember and how it might have affected you. Spelling and grammar are unimportant at this moment. Only your connection with your thoughts is.

What you feel afterwards can be relief, pleasure or possibly curiosity to discover more stored in the recesses of your mind.

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