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Olympic Flower Bouquets

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

by Pen Woman Polly Curran

I want to share a special moment from the Tokyo Olympics about the beautiful flower bouquets given to each Olympic Medal winner. It is a very touching memorial to the Japanese people.They are more than just flowers; there is a deeper story, and it is years in the making. It really moved me.The Japanese people have endured such hardships and gained such a sense of community to endure and recover from these tragedies. The flowers are beautiful, but the message is even more powerful. Out of disaster comes a new resurgence of life; it is a strong message of survival and of Japan's past and future. I lived in Tokyo, Japan, for many years and feel a strong connection to the people of Japan and their culture. When you watch the Olympics and see the bouquets the athletes receive, look closer at them, you'll recognize the significance expressed.

A second link I wish to share is about a special house in the middle of the bustling Tokyo Olympic International Broadcast Center. It looks like a little house decorated with Japanese flowers. Everyone is encouraged to enter and pray for the success of the games.

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