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Exhibition of the Month

June 2020

Diana de Avila

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Artist Statement:


I create cosmic digital art rooted in fractal geometry, hovering at the intersection of technology and the natural world, where quantum physics, chaos theory, and divine order converge. Fueling the precise yet sprawling, other-worldly images I create—using a palette that comprises multiple software programs, algorithms, and artificial intelligence—is a visionary power that reflects my unique personal history and the circumstances that literally skewed my perception. 

In 2017, a relapse of MS combined with the worsening of a traumatic brain injury I had suffered in a 1984 motorcycle accident led to Acquired Savant Syndrome with synesthesia. Suddenly my vision and cognition were drastically affected; and a part of my brain was essentially rewired, giving me artistic abilities I had never before possessed.

Over the past three years my art has moved through three very distinct stages common to the savant brain.  From  imitation to improvisation to creation where I have developed my unique artistic voice.  Reaching that third stage seems best depicted in my late 2019 and 2020 work.   I am currently a co-founder of the newly formed "Savant Artist Collective"with two other savant artists. 

Please enjoy a small fraction of my more recent collection. 

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