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Exhibition of the Month

January 2021

Jordyn Chiodo

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Artist Statement:

I focus mainly on portrait photography but work with any subject given. I have won awards and scholarships for my photography, including the National League of American Pen Women scholarship. Along with the scholarship, I was given the opportunity to serve the  Awards Director as assistant for the Sarasota Pen Women Branch. In 2020, I graduated from Sarasota High School, as well as Girl Scouts.  I hope to run my own photography business using skills learned from 13 years in Girl Scouts.


The three images you see here are all black and white photographs. I absolutely love to use this filter because it enhances the emotion in the images remarkably. With the deep black shadows and increased contrast, the detail just pops out to the viewer. When looking at the images, you’ll notice that they all share a similar mood. The model in each image is giving off a somewhat dispirited, distressed ambiance. Sometimes life can get difficult and isn’t always “rainbows and unicorns.” I wanted my images to portray these emotions that have affected us all, especially in 2020.

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