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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

By Polly Curran, Pen Woman in Art and Letters

Artistic nature photography and the elegant art of Ikebana, a 6th C art, share a sense of spiritual enlightenment. For me, “The natural beauty of each individual leaf or flower becomes a work of art through the camera.” In Ikebana,“The Natural beauty of the flowers and plant material, in harmony with the container and the environment where the arrangement is placed bring us closer to nature and Divine Spirit.” The emphasis is on creating compositions that connect the viewer with nature’s essence, to embody Ikebana’s elegance, creativity, and poetic mysticism. Each leaf, flower or branch brings an element of natural beauty to an Ikebana arrangement, whether it is enjoyed in an exhibition or in your home. The pleasure of viewing nature creates a calm spirit and sense of personal achievement.

To create an Ikebana arrangement, step outside your natural space, gather some flowers that you like, some leaves, maybe a few branches. Nature’s seasons offer a plentiful selection to enjoy and embrace the beauty in your home. Selecting a special container, one that reminds you of a personal joy or friend or event, brings special meaning to your arrangement.

As an artistic nature photographer, with some helping hands, I photographed this Bird of Paradise in our front yard. It became a work of art and earned awards at a local art exhibition. I then cut a few of the Birds to create an Ikebana arrangement to showcase in our home. Your mind can become focused and all inspiration and creativity flow into action. It is both a calming, peaceful moment. In such moments, the emotion can elicit a poem or Haiku to describe the feeling:

Flowers that smile,

Bring happiness among friends.


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